Another Note from Mom

by Diane Z. Shore
I sprang from bed and bumped my head and stubbed my little toe,
then jammed my fingers turning down the blaring radio.

I rubbed my bumps and bruises as the weather lady said,
"Today's the first of April, look for showers overhead."

I trudged downstairs to breakfast, where my bad luck tagged along.
There taped up to the microwave…another note from Mom:

Good morning! Exclamation point—she always starts out nice.
Now comes the part where I get fed her motherly advice.

For breakfast, dear, just help yourself. There's pizza in the fridge.
And as for soda, choose the Sprite—the Coke has lost its fizz.

"Is this a dream?" I said out loud. "There must be some mistake.
I'd better read that through again. I'm only half awake."

I scanned the lines, not once, but twice. Yes, pizza's what it said!
And I could swallow that advice, so I read on ahead:

Please wear your faded jeans to school, those low-cut ones that flare.
And use my mousse to do that sticky-up thing with your hair.

"Is she for real?" I asked myself. What's gotten into Mom?
Whatever it was, I liked it lots, so I continued on:

About your science quiz today—the one on natural gas—
Just tell your teacher that's one subject you don't want to pass!

I know I didn't read that right. I couldn't have, no way!
But there it was in black and white, as plain as night and day.

And then it hit me, why the change: Mom hadn't lost a screw;
My worry-free philosophy had finally gotten through.

Her rules had changed from lame to lax—my mom was cool at last!
These last few months of middle school were gonna be a blast!

I quickly read the last few lines: Enjoy your day at school!
(And don't believe what you've just read…or you're an April Fool!)

Text © Diane Z. Shore, reprinted from Rolling in the Aisles
published by Meadowbrook Press. Illustration © Stephen
Carpenter. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration
without consent is unlawful.

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