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You and your friends can perform poetry plays with these popular and funny poems.


Bad-Hair Day NEW

Empty Headed

Get Out of Bed

How to Delay your Bedtime

How to Torture Your Students NEW

How to Torture Your Teacher NEW

I Call First NEW

I Went to the Doctor


Lucky Trade NEW




Mirror, Mirror, o'er the Sink NEW

Mithing Tooth

My Dog has Got No Manners

My Doggy Ate My Homework

My New Pet

My Thumbies

Rules for the Bus

Samantha Cinderella Scott

Turn Off the TV!




Rolling in the Aisles
Kids Pick the Funniest Poems
Mary Had a Little Jam
If Kids Ruled the School
No More Homework No More Tests
Miles of Smiles
My Dog Ate My Homework
If Pigs Could Fly...
The Aliens Have Landed
When the Teacher Isn't Looking
A Bad Case of the Giggles
Peter Peter Pizza Eater
Oh My Darling Porcupine
My Teacher's in Detention