Creating a New Poem
by Kenn Nesbitt
In "I Have to Write a Poem," Kenn Nesbitt brilliantly and delightfully explains the creative thought process involved in writing a poem. It should be noted that in each stanza Kenn has used three beats (da DUM da DUM da DUM or da DUM da DUM da DUM da) for the first, second, and fourth lines and four beats (da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM) in his third lines. Kenn has used an ABCB rhyme pattern in all stanzas.

-Bruce Lansky

I Have to Write a Poem

I have to write a poem
but I really don't know how.
So maybe I'll just make a rhyme
with something dumb, like cow.

Okay, I'll write about a cow,
but that's so commonplace.
I think I'll have to make her be...
a cow from outer space!

My cow will need a helmet
and a space suit and a ship.
Of course, she'll keep a blaster
in the holster on her hip.

She'll hurtle through the galaxy
on meteoric flights
to battle monkey aliens
in huge karate fights.

She'll duel with laser sabers
while avoiding lava spray
to vanquish evil emperors
and always save the day.

I hope the teacher likes my tale:
"Amazing Astro Cow."
Yes, that's the poem I will write
as soon as I learn how.


Text © Kenn Nesbitt, reprinted from Revenge of the Lunch Ladies, published by Meadowbrook Press. Illustration © Mike & Carl Gordon. Text reprinted by permission of the author. Any copying or use of these poems without consent is unlawful.

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