From wetting the bed to how to delay your bedtime, this collection of poems recounts tons of funny bedtime blunders that will be sure to keep you laughing late into the night!

  A Cowboy’s Lullaby by Eric Ode  
  Diddle, Diddle Dumpling by Mark Benthall  
  Don’t Suck Your Thumb by Bruce Lansky  
  How I Dress for Bed by Bruce Lansky  
  How to Delay Your Bedtime by Bruce Lansky  
  I Saw You by Anonymous  
  Insomnia by Kathy Kenney-Marshall  
  It Can't Be Time to Take a Bath by A. Maria Plover  
  Knight Warning by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz  
  Menagerie by Bruce Lansky  
  My Grandma’s Teeth by Bruce Lansky  
  My Prayer by Bruce Lansky  
  Now I Lay Me Down to Rest by Linda Knaus  
  Star Light, Star Bright by Bruce Lansky  
  Sweet Dreams by Joyce Armor  
  The More I Do My Homework by Robert Pottle  
  Under the Bed by Penny Trzynka  
  When I Sleep by Bruce Lansky