This collection of "Sick Poems" will spread infectious laughter in students and teachers alike!

  Alex’s Allergy by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Allergic by Robert Pottle  
  Bring Your Own Lunch by Bruce Lansky  
  I’m Staying Home from School Today by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Kiss Me Not by Bruce Lansky  
  Mary Had a Little Ham by Bruce Lansky  
  Mary Had a Little Jam by Bruce Lansky  
  Measles by Bruce Lansky  
  My Brother Doesn’t Like to Share by Bruce Lansky  
  My Parents Are Pretending by Ted Scheu  
  Samantha Cinderella Scott by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Scratch, Scratch, Sniffle by Mary Jane Mitchell  
  Sick Day by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Today Is Not a Good Day by Rebecca Kai Dotlich  
  Zachary Brown by Bruce Lansky