From classroom belching to unruly teachers, this collection of "naughty" poems doesn't hold back when it comes to the foully funny bad manners and misbehavior of children and adults!

  Betsy Burped the ABC’s by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Blow Your Nose! by Bruce Lansky  
  Chewing Bubble Gum in Class by Bruce Lansky  
  Confession by Bruce Lansky  
  Don't Make Weird Faces by Bruce Lansky  
  Food Fight by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Here is the Church by Jeff Mondak  
  How I Quit Sucking My Thumb by Bruce Lansky  
  How to Torture Your Students by Jane Pomazal & Bruce Lansky  
  How to Torture Your Teacher by Bruce Lansky  
  I Ain’t Been to School by Robert Pottle  
  I Should Have Studied by Bruce Lansky  
  I Will Not Tease Rebecca Grimes by Dave Crawley  
  I've Been Burping in the Classroom by Kathy Kenney-Marshall  
  I've Been Sitting in Detention by Bruce Lansky  
  I’m Staying Home from School Today by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Little Boy Blue by Darren Sardelli  
  Little Boy Blue, Please Cover Your Nose by Darren Sardelli  
  Manners by Bruce Lansky  
  Mary Had Some Bubble Gum by Anonymous  
  Mind Your Manners by Bruce Lansky  
  Molly Peters by Bill Dodds  
  My Class Has Got a Know-It-All by Ted Scheu  
  My Dog Has Got No Manners by Bruce Lansky  
  My Normal Family by Kathy Kenny-Marshall  
  My Teacher Loves Her iPod by Bruce Lansky  
  Our Poor Teacher by Robert Pottle  
  Parent-Teacher Conference by Darren Sardelli  
  Rules for the Bus by Eric Ode  
  Rumbling in My Tummy by Bruce Lansky  
  Stop Sniffling! by Bruce Lansky  
  Table Manners by Joan Horton  
  The Bus by Robert Pottle  
  The Curse of the Foul-Smelling Armpit by Trevor Harvey  
  The Halls Were Decked by Bruce Lansky  
  The Kindergarten Concert by Robert Pottle  
  The Proper Way to Eat by John Frank  
  Tummy Bubble by Bruce Lansky  
  Uncle Dave's Car by Helen Ksypka  
  What I’ve Learned at School by Robert Pottle  
  When the Bubble Burst by Bruce Lansky  
  Willie the Burper by Bill Dodds  
  Zoo Rules by Bruce Lansky