Batter up with our collection of poems about sports that will be sure to hit you a homerun of fun with their wacky adventures on all kinds of playing fields!

  A Lesson Learned by Bruce Lansky  
  Basketball’s My Favorite Sport by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Excuse Cheer by Timothy Tocher  
  How I Became a Black Belt by Jeff Mondak  
  If School Were More Like Baseball by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Jim Sox by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Oops! by Bruce Lansky  
  Our Teacher’s a Football Fanatic by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Peewee Soccer by Robert Pottle  
  Row, Row, Row Your Boat by Bruce Lansky  
  Snow Day by Kenn Nesbitt & Linda Knaus  
  Swimming 'Ool by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Take Me Out of the Ball Game by Jeff Nathan  
  The Barrel Race by Eric Ode  
  The Skateboard by Willard R. Espy  
  The Tetherball Battle by Eric Ode  
  What the Teachers Saw at Recess by Kenn Nesbitt