Our collection of scary poems by Kenn Nesbitt, Robert Pottle, Darren Sardelli, and others will be sure to have you shaking with laughter, whether you are dining with Frankenstein or inviting monsters into your bed.

  Advice from Dracula by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Creepy Pizza by Neal Levin  
  Fraidy Cat by Matthew M. Fredericks  
  Hey, Ma, Something's Under My Bed by Joan Horton  
  I Thought I Saw a Ghost Last Night by Paul R. Orshoski  
  My Gramps and I Are Werewolves! by Kathy Kenney-Marshall  
  Oh My Darling, Frankenstein by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Scary Costume by Robert Pottle  
  Science Homework by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Sweet Dreams by Joyce Armor  
  The Creature by Bill Dodds  
  The Headless Horseman's Haircut by Linda Knaus  
  The Two-Headed Monster by Darren Sardelli  
  Under the Bed by Penny Trzynka