Our poetry books are filled with very funny poems about your favorite holidays. Here are some of our best holiday poems by Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Tim Tocher, and many other great poets.

  A Cowboy’s Letter to Santa by Eric Ode  
  April Fools' Day by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Christmas Sale by Kenn Nesbitt and Linda Knaus  
  Dear Santa Claus by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Help Wanted by Timothy Tocher  
  Her Darling Valentine by Eric Ode  
  Love Struck by Amy S. Mullins  
  Melinda Made a Snowman by Linda Knaus  
  Oh My Darling, Valentine by Kenn Nesbitt  
  On Mother's Day by Bruce Lansky  
  Resolutions by Linda Knaus  
  Rudolph by Linda Knaus  
  Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Scary Costume by Robert Pottle  
  Snow Day by Kenn Nesbitt  
  The Principal Is Missing by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Today I Got a Valentine by Kenn Nesbitt  
  Winter Wonderland by Linda Knaus