A Bad Case of the Giggles

by Bruce Lansky
I found a book of poems.
I brought the book to school.
And every time I read it,
I giggle like a fool.


Today in social studies,
I opened up the book.
I started giggling right away
from just a single look.


I’m croaking like a bullfrog.
I’m braying like a mule.
These aren’t sounds you’re supposed to make
while studying at school.


The more I try to stop it,
the louder that I howl.
I’m squawking like a parrot,
and hooting like an owl!


I'm making a commotion;
the teacher is upset.
I’m losing my position
as teacher’s favorite pet!


My giggling is contagious.
My friends have all joined in.
The teacher’s getting angry.
We’re making quite a din.


The whole darned class is giggling.
Not one of us can stop.
The teacher says that if we can’t,
he’ll call the hallway cop.


The room next door has heard us.
And now they’re giggling too.
The sound of giggling travels fast.
The school sounds like a zoo.


And now the teacher’s giving up.
He cannot teach today.
The principal’s declaring it
a giggling holiday.


Text © Bruce Lansky, published by Meadowbrook Press. Any copying or use of this poem without consent is unlawful.

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