Chewing Bubble Gum in Class

by Bruce Lansky

Chewing bubble gum in class in my school is forbidden.
So if you chew, take my advice, and keep your chewing hidden.

Don’t move your jaws, don’t make a sound, so you’ll avoid suspicion.
Just squeeze the gum between clenched teeth and hold tight that position.

You’ll get your chance to blow some bubbles when the class is finished.
Out in the hall, you’ll have a ball, your pleasure undiminished.

Until the bell rings look alert and keep your bright face smiling.
Just hope your teacher doesn’t find your silence too beguiling.

‘Cause if your teacher calls on you, you’ll need advice to follow.
Your gum will stay a secret if before you speak, you swallow.

Text © Bruce Lansky. Illustration © Stephen Carpenter. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration without consent is unlawful.

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