Fish and Chips

by David Fisher

Billy Barracuda gathered up his entry fee
For a tournament of poker at the bottom of the sea
He had mortified his children, and had disobeyed his wife
Cashing in his stocks and bonds he'd saved for all his life

But he was ALL IN
As he swam off to the tournament with zeal
Yes he was ALL IN
It was finally time to shuffle up and deal

Now Mike the Marlin's expertise was reading fishy faces
So when Billy pushed his chips in, Mike was sure that he had aces
Billy'd made a brilliant bluff, though some might call it luck
When Mike revealed pocket kings then through them in the muck

'Cause he went ALL IN
To bet all that you've have, you need a spine
Yes he was ALL IN
Everything he has is on the line...

Billy made his goal of sitting at the final table
Surrounded by the poker stars that he had seen on cable
Sammy Shark and Tommy Tuna just to name a few
And with bold aggressive betting, Billy's chip stack grew and grew

'Cause he went ALL IN
And every time he did his chips would double
Yes he went ALL IN
Soon all the other players were in trouble

Billy couldn't lose a hand, it's just one of those nights
He's heads-up now with Sammy Shark, the bracelet's in his sights
He won the rest of Sammy's chips to a thunderous applause
But amidst his celebration, swam by Sammy's open jaws
So here's the very last of Billy's tips
Don't play cards with sharks when you're just

Text © David Fisher reprinted from Fish And Chips. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration without consent is unlawful.

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