We Went to New York City

by Pat Dodds

We went to New York City,
but we never saw Times Square.
We just saw Uncle Henry
and played lots of solitaire.

We drove up to Niagara,
but we never saw the Falls.
We stayed in Cousin Ernie’s house.
I almost climbed the walls!

We traveled down to Florida
to see our Auntie Sue.
We never went to Disney World
like other people do.

We drove to Arizona
just to see Great-Grandpa Clark.
I wish we’d had the time to see
Grand Canyon National Park.

And then we took a little trip
to Washington DC.
We didn’t see the White House
’cause we stayed with Aunt Marie.

We even went to California
several years ago.
We never got to Hollywood,
but we saw Grandma Flo.

So why’d we stay with relatives
no matter where we went?
It’s ’cause my daddy is so cheap—
he will not spend a cent.


Text © Pat Dodds, reprinted from What I Did on My Summer Vacation (forthcoming from Meadowbrook Press). Illustration © Stephen Carpenter. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration without consent is unlawful.

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