Clear As Mud

by Bruce Lansky

I go to bed each morning.
I wake up every night.
I spill my milk at breakfast,
and then turn on the light.

Each day I miss the school bus.
I never have been late.
I don’t turn in my homework.
My teacher thinks I’m great.

My favorite game is basketball.
I cannot sink a shot.
We haven’t won a single game.
Our team is getting hot!

Last year I was in high school.
Now I’m in second grade.
Next year I’ll be in daycare.
I’ll really have it made!

When I grow up, I'm hoping
a baby I can be:
a pacifier in my mouth,
my cradle in a tree.

This poem’s so confusing.
It’s all so crystal clear.
Perhaps I’ll understand it
when I am born next year.


Text © Bruce Lansky, reprinted from My Dog Ate My Homework published by Meadowbrook Press. Illustration © Stephen Carpenter. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration without consent is unlawful.

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