Limerick Contest, 1st Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

First Round Winners

Something’s Fishy
There once was a giant fish,
Catching him was my wish,
I struggled and fought,
Until he was caught,
and now he is in my dish.
—Brittany Spencer, 6th grade

Skiing Lee
There once was a young lady named Lee,
Who thought she could downhill ski.
But then from her toes,
to the nails of her toes,
She was covered in snow thoroughly.
—Dana Rose Bustamante, 6th grade

My name is Kiersten Swete.
Soccer’s what I do with my feet.
I kick the ball and run.
I have tons of fun.
Soccer cannot be beat!
—Kiersten Swete, 3rd grade

First Round Finalists

There once was a boy named Bob.
He loved eating corn on the cob.
He was really big,
and had the nose of a pig,
he ended up joining the mob.
—Brittany Spencer, 6th grade

There once was a girl named Jennelle.
What she’ll do you really can’t tell.
She went to the dump,
the next day was stumped,
when I asked her why did she smell.
—Jessica Lynn Coakes, 5th grade

Kurt’s Calamity!
There was a young man named Kurt.
He got his mum a new shirt.
He threw in a rat,
three rocks and a cat,
and didn’t get his dessert.
—Penelope Renner, 5th grade

A boy named Steven Reneau
liked to eat escargot.
His door opened wide,
so some snails came inside,
Now I wonder, "Where did those snails go?"
—Jeanelle Todd, 5th grade

There once was a boy named Bubble
who always claimed he saw double.
Then he took off his mask
and said, "May I ask
if you think my mask caused all the trouble?"
—Andrea Diaz, 5th grade

There was a young lady called Pam.
She dreamt she was eating some ham.
But when she awoke,
she found it a joke
that she was really eating some lamb.
—Amy Leach, 5th grade

Cow Cakes
There once was a cow that liked cake,
He was spoiled for goodness sake.
He would moo all day,
until he got his way,
and now the kind farmers have to bake.
—Jessica Macauda, 6th grade

A Girl Named Rory
There once was a girl named Rory
who was always in her glory.
She passed every test,
and thought she was best,
until that one day she turned forty.
—Rory Katz, 6th grade

Bulging Bill
There was a fat boy named Bill.
Who loved to eat at his will.
His stomach grew more and more,
he could no longer fit through the door!
Poor Bill is standing there still.
—Sharona Mayer, 3rd grade

There once was a man named Ted
who liked to stand on his head.
One day he fell down,
and rolled into town,
and everyone thought he was dead.
—Christina Caccese, 5th grade

Lance’s Dance
There once was a man named Lance
who really liked to dance.
He danced with ants,
he danced with plants,
and he danced with women from France.
—Thomas Kelly, 5th grade

Jansel’s Hair
There once was a boy named Jansel
who put on a bunch of hair gel.
He went to a ball,
got stuck to the wall,
it hurt, so he started to yell.
—Danaysy Rodriguez, 5th grade

There once was a person named Sam,
Whose favorite meal was ham,
He ate and he ate,
Plate after plate,
Until he burst with a big "WHAM!"
—Chelsea Swete, 5th grade

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