Limerick Contest, 2nd Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Second Round Winners

There once was a girl named Pippi
who wanted to dress like a hippie
but her stockings were long
and her clothes were all wrong
so she ended up just looking drippy
—Alex Hermany, 4th grade

There was an old man from Peru
who was proud of his last name, Magoo.
He met up with a bear,
who didn’t much care,
and that was the end of Magoo.
—Nicholas Berger, 4th grade

Second Round Finalists

Janky and the Spanky
There once was a boy named Janky.
He always was real cranky.
He talked back to his mom,
And then called his dad, Tom.
So he got a hurting spanky.
—Erica Warnock, 6th grade

Alfred the Lion
There once lived Alfred, a lion
Who told his friends he was dyin.’
He sank to the ground
And looked all around,
They found he was really lyin.’
—Brandon Michael Henry Nuyen, 6th grade

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