Limerick Contest, 3rd Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Third Round Finalists

Family Recipe
One time I had a bad dream.
I was trying to make some whipped cream.
I added some fruit,
and threw in a newt.
Did I hear somebody scream?
—Caitlin O-Reilly, 4th grade

Glue Shoes
There once lived a boy named Matthew.
He found some glue stuck to his shoe.
He was late for school.
He looked like a fool.
He was stuck to the floor, that»s true!
—David Best, 4th grade

The Weird Beard
There was an old guy with a beard
whom all of his best friends feared.
His beard was all white
and he combed it all night,
and everyone thought he was weird.
—Joe Boland, 4th grade

The Love of Raw Pork
There was an old man from New York
who loved to eat lots of raw pork.
He became very ill,
but found out that no pill
could cure him of loving raw pork.
—Sean Davis, 4th grade

Sticky Magoo
There once was a guy named Magoo
who loved to eat paste and drink glue.
But his teeth stuck together
in all kinds of weather,
and he said, "I’m gonna sue!"
—Ellie Stear, 4th grade

The Chubby Dragon
There once was a little fat dragon
who couldn’t fit into his wagon.
When he tried to ride,
he was much too wide,
and he noticed his belly was draggin.
—Devin Primodie, 4th grade

A boy Named Mike
There once was a boy named Mike,
He always rode on his bike,
He rode on rocks,
with chicken pox,
That silly old boy named Mike.
—Ashwin, 5th grade

There was an old man from Brazil,
who stumbled upon an anthill
the ants did attack
and they made him their snack
and nibbled ‘til they got their fill.
—C. J. Cory, 5th grade

There once was a sheriff named Fife,
Who carried a gun and a knife,
His gun was all dusty,
His knife was all rusty,
‘Cause he’d never caught a crook in his life.
—Zach Hutchinson, 5th grade

Zach Limerick
There once was a boy named Zach,
Who carried all that he owned on his back.
His teacher asked why? He started to cry.
And said that he lived in a shack.
—Zach Bowles, 3rd grade

So Fat
There once was a man so fat,
He could not see where he sat
When he opened the door,
He could not see the floor,
What a fat man was that.
—Sarah Hocevar, 6th grade

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