Limerick Contest, 5th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Fifth Round Winner

We once had a doggy named Scottie,
who had a great need to go pottie.
When we weren’t there he went EVERYWHERE!
So, that’s why our rugs are so spottie.
—Adam West, 3rd Grade

Fifth Round Finalists

Bob the Hungry Slob
There was an old man named Bob
And he was a hungry old slob
He ate with his toes,
Got beans up his nose,
and pretty much looked like a blob.
—Timothy Brooks Howard, 5th Grade

There once was a fellow named Bob
who was seeking a very big job.
He said to his wife,
"I’ll start a new life,"
so he found a new bank to rob.
—Bethany Morris, 4th Grade

Flies for Dinner
A man with a passion for flies,
Ate them boiled, steamed, or baked into pies.
But one day at tea,
He swallowed a bee,
And that was a stinging surprise.
—Jake Martin Gram, 5th Grade

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