Limerick Contest, 8th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Eighth Round Winners

My Brother’s a TV Fanatic!
My brother’s a TV fanatic!
He watches it up in the attic.
He’s been there for years,
and I am in tears.
‘Cause his brain has gone totally static!
—Lauren Sobkowicz, Grade 6

There Was An Old Man
There was an old man in a trunk
Who inquired of his wife, "Am I drunk?"
She replied with a fear,
"I’m afraid so, my dear!"
And he answered, "It’s just as I thunk!"
—Jemma Stones, Grade 6

Man from Esser
There once was a man from Esser,
whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser.
It grew so small
That he knew nothing at all,
And now he is a college professor.
—Tehseen Fatimah, Grade 6

Eighth Round Finalists

I hate it when it’s dark at night
I close my eyes with all my might
The monsters are scary
They are all big and hairy
When I see them they give me a fright
—Amanda Smith

A Boy Named Randy
There once was a boy named Randy
who ate way too much candy.
He started to cry
with tears in his eye.
Now his false teeth come in handy.
—Christopher Angelini, Grade 5

Big Boy
There once was a boy named Ted.
His big muscles went to his head.
"I’ll make the girls sigh,
‘cause I’m quite a guy."
But instead all the girls liked Fred.
—Casey Martisch, Grade 5

The Lady from France
There once was a lady from France,
Who loved to go out and dance.
She cut the rug
And did the jitterbug,
And then she ripped her pants!
—Brittany Addis, Grade 6

A Dude Named Stan
There once was a dude named Stan.
He ran and he ran and he ran.
He got hit by a car.
His body flew far.
And now he’s an injured man.
—Jeremy Richman, Grade 6

Monster in the Lake
The monster who lived in the lake,
Had a craving for charbroiled steak.
He did what you’d do,
Had his own barbecue.
And ate up that fisherman Jake.
—Lurvin Fernandez, Grade 4

There once were some furry mice
that went to the casino with dice,
they ordered a beer,
and heard a big cheer,
and won the big jackpot twice.
—Jael Unterseher, Grade 6

A Limerick
There was a young woman named Grace,
who wanted to join a steeplechase.
But her horse grew tense
and stopped by the fence,
and poor Grace landed flat on her face.
—Tammi Cherise and Tan Jia Yi, Grade 5

Pete the Dragon
There once was a dragon named Pete
Who liked to eat with his feet
There was always a mess
As you’d probably guess
But to watch him was really a treat!
—Joey Moore

A Pig Named Sickle
There once was a pig named Sickle,
Who loved to buy sweets for a nickel.
He bought candy to lick,
It made him quite sick,
But it was better than eating a pickle.
—Joshua Laiken, Grade 5

The Boy from Hong Kong
There once was a boy from Hong Kong,
who would stand up and burst into song.
But his throat was hurtin’
as they drew the curtain.
So now he just plays Ping-Pong.
—Brandie Shifflett, Grade 6

Bob’s life had been so simple
until he got his first pimple.
It was on his nose,
as bright as a rose.
Oh, if only it were a dimple!
—Grant Lindley, Grade 6

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