Yankee Doodle Contest,911th and 12th Rounds

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Twelfth Round Finalist

Yankee Strudel
Yankee Doodle went to class
Riding on a gobbler
Traded turkey for some fruit
And made an apple cobbler.
—Jennifer Baxter, Grade 9

Eleventh Round Finalist

The Doodles
Yankee’s mother went to town
riding on a bunny
she couldn’t afford to buy a car
because she had no money!

Yankee’s sister went to town
riding on a lizard
she has been missing ever since
she got caught in that blizzard!
—Shaina Lowrie, Grade 6

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