Teacher's Lunch Contest, 1st Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

First Round Winner

Sandwich Supreme
Three dozen herrings and a shoe,
Mozzarella super glue.
Tooth brush bristles—stiff and nice,
Eyeballs of five-day-old mice.

Big, fat roaches filled with puss,
When she sees them she will cuss!
Paper planes, eraser dust,
Iron nails with all the rust.

A beetle caught by you at school.
Water from a swimming pool.
Pile high on stale bread,
Then hope she doesn’t wind up dead!
—YingSze Pek, 5th grade

First Round Finalists

What I’d Serve My Teacher for Lunch
If I had to serve my teacher lunch,
This would be the menu,
To start with, she would have a not so
nice bowl of Dead Fly Soup!
Then the main dish, Poopooplater with
some Dr. Peeper!
For dessert a Mud Cake with Dirt Icing!
I hope Mrs. Martinez doesn’t die
When she finds she ate a Fly!
—Samantha Howard, 6th grade

The Day I Served Lunch to the Teacher
I served a lunch to my teacher.
First came slimy snail stew.
Then I gave her a rat tail salad
And a cup of snot mixed with goo.
Next came a bowl of barf chili
With a great big maggot pie.
When I tell her I got my recipes out of the booger book,
I hope the old hag doesn’t die!
—Annissa Nichole Michael, 5th grade

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