Teacher's Lunch Contest, 5th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Fifth Round Finalists

Gross Grub
If I could serve my teacher lunch
I’m glad I would not have to munch:
Spinach salad (centuries-old),
Already rotting, covered in mold,
Lemonade that’s mixed with dirt,
Hope she spills it on her shirt,
Liver patties on a bun,
To the bathroom she will run!
—Grace Hopkin, Grade 3

Alien Treat
The stuff that I’d feed my hungry teacher
Might just include an unearthly creature.
Start with a gooey alien brain,
A few more creatures, freshly slain,
Some cosmic slime from another world,
I’m sure that it would make her hurl,
One last thing, a disgusting treat,
It’s my homework from last week!
—David E. Appel, Grade 6

Bon Appetit
What I gave my teacher for lunch today was…
A rotten old soggy plum,
And a hairy old gorilla’s thumb
A big plate of dog poop stew,
And a cut-up foot of a kangaroo.
I’ll give my teacher an elephant’s trunk,
And a smelly black tail of a skunk.
I’ll give my teacher a yucky frog’s eye,
She ate all of this stuff. I hope she won’t die!
—Imran Abbass Naqvi, Grade 3

Teacher’s Lunch
If I served hot lunch to my teacher
I’d start off with armpit roast.
Then I’d serve a bowl of ant soup
and a slice of cockroach toast.
I’d give her some fungus-filled coffee
and maybe some toenail pie.
And after a seaweed sundae
maybe the old toad will die!
—Amanda S., Grade 6

Liver-Lurching Lunch
If I could make lunch for my teacher
I’d start out with cubed rotten fruit
Then follow with steaming hot frog’s legs
(I’d sculpt them to look really cute!)
Then I’d give her some bird-dropping chowder
And leave the bat liver to bake.
Then I’d finish it off with a yummy dessert
Of gourmet seaweed cake.
—Claire Hopkin, Grade 5

Mrs. Maki
Mrs. Maki I made lunch for you!
There are worms and frogs inside the stew.

I hope you enjoy your salad of sand
Everybody loves it throughout the land.

Here is a bowl of rainbow spaghetti
I made it out of colorful confetti.

Next is a loaf of bread made from worms,
I hope you don’t mind the terrible germs.

Now have some coffee made from rats,
you might see some feathers from the bats.

For dessert, I’m serving you worm pie,
You will love it and that is no lie!
—Jamie Sarah Bonk

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