Teacher's Lunch Contest, 6th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Sixth Round Finalists

My New Stew
Spider legs,
fly eggs,
lobster tails,
elephant nails,
cow toes,
and a pig nose,
no tomatoes,
no potatoes,
no broth,
but moths,
no celery,
no zucchini,
some snake skin, too,
and there you have my brand-new stew!
—Angela Dawn Albers, Grade 5

A Colorful Poem Just for You
A colorful recipe I did read,
To give my teacher such a feed.
I’ve made this, Miss, it’s just for you.
Why are you turning very blue?

It’s the best meal you have ever seen,
Miss, now you’re turning very green.
I can assure you that the meat is dead,
Miss, now you are turning red.

Eat this worm, poor little fellow,
Oh miss, you’re now turning yellow.
Eat this rat before it takes flight.
Miss, now you’re turning white.

This food I’ve selected is the best money can buy,
Oh Mrs. Johnson, please don’t die!
—Kelly Pope, Grade 4

Menu for your Teacher’s Lunch
I bought my teacher a healthy lunch,
lots of good things that she’s sure to munch…
Leather flavored broccoli, carrots, and peas,
with lots of pepper, to make her sneeze.
Toothpaste in salad, chicken, and rice,
spaghetti with eggs, that should be nice.
Out comes the snails and jellyfish stew,
here comes the meatballs (they taste like shampoo),
Bunches of fruit, spoiled and rotten,
now there is something that we have forgotten…
—Michelle Spektor, Grade 5

Butter Him Up!
If I could give my teach some lunch,
I would not give him bugs that crunch.
Instead the best gourmet food he ever had
Oh, how it would make him glad.

I’d serve tea and crumpets,
along with some cake.
I’d make sure that everything
was very well baked.

I’d make sure all the food,
was baked at its best.
and pray that he’d give me an
A on my test!
—Kailee Ayyar, Grade 4

If I Served Hot Lunch to my Teacher
If I served hot lunch to my teacher,
I’d start off with salamander soup.
Then I’d serve her crocodile legs,
With a side of monkey brain goop!

I’d then give her some "rat on a bun,"
And a drink of my famous Snake Sprite!
Next, she’d have some possum pie,
(Which is my number one fright.)

When my teacher finds out what she’s eaten,
And finally sits down to sigh,
I guess I should start to kiss
My beautiful A+ goodbye
—Kaitlin Abrams, Grade 4

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