Do Your Own Thing Contest, 1st Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

First Round Winner

many people go through life
not knowing what is special to them.
But I know who my special person is.
She’s who I get my good looks from,
She’s the one who gave me life,
and, after carrying me around for nine months,
continued to care for me both day and night.

So here’s to you, Mom,
from your daughter, who is now starting to cry.
You may have made some wrong turns in your life
but you still came out on top.
It may have taken you some time
to change your ways,
but we all make mistakes.
It may have taken some time to make our family whole,
but there are a few things I want you to know:
I’m proud to call you mommy,
I’m proud to be your child,
I’m proud of everything you do,
and I’m truly lucky to have someone special like you
—Sarah Anne Maden, Grade 6

First Round Finalists

Max the Dog
I have a dog, his name is Max.
He sees the mailman, then attacks.
It would be better
not to send a letter.
So you could call or send a fax.
—Dylan Conway, Grade 4

It’s fun turning somersaults and bouncing on the bed.
I walk on my hand, and I stand on my head.
I swing like a monkey, and I tumble and I shake.
I stretch and I bend, but I never, never break!

I wiggle like a worm and I wriggle like an eel.
I hop like a rabbit, and I flop like a seal.
I leap like a frog, and I jump like a flea,
There must be rubber inside of me!
—Rina Zahidi, Grade 6

Grasshopper Pie Dessert
You know grasshopper pie.
I used to think it was yummy.

Well, when I was eight,
I used to eat frozen grasshoppers.

As soon as I put them in my mouth
it would warm them up.
That’s when they would start hopping
up and down, up and down.

If you bite down on their abdomens
Their eyeballs start bouncing.
And then you swallow them.
After a little bit,
you hear chirping in your stomach.

—Hunter Barret, Grade 3

Summer Camp
Sprained my ankle,
Pulled my hair,
Cut my finger, took no care.

Hit my elbow,
Sprayed by a skunk,
My outdoor skills I’m going to flunk.

Broke my nail,
Bonked my head,
I think that I should go to bed.

Coughing, sneezing,
It's cold and damp,
Just get me away from summer camp!!!
—Christina M. Wray, Grade 5

I Hate Taking Showers
I hate to take a shower
Scrub my body, wash my hair.
When I am done my mom always asks,
"Yes!" I would always tell her.
"I scrubbed my knees and between my toes
I washed my armpits and my neck
and the sides of my nose."
Standing up is so BORING!
No bubbles around to blow
Showers are what happens
when you start to grow.
No more rubber duckies to make me laugh
if you ask me I will tell you:
I’d rather take a bath!
—Corissa Rae, Grade 6

My Sister
My sister’s name is Susan Lou,
She’s so disgusting, all purple and blue.
She picks her boogers (and eats them, too),
That’s my sister, Susan Lou.

She never has a single clue,
She doesn’t know what to do,
She cannot add two plus two,
That’s my sister, Susan Lou.

She copies my homework—yes, it’s true.
She scares me by saying "Boo!"
She ruins everything that’s new,
That’s my sister, Susan Lou.

She lies to my mother about having the flu,
And whenever I say, "That’s not true!"
She makes up a big hullabaloo!
That’s my sister, Susan Lou.
—Hunter Barret, Grade 3

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