Do Your Own Thing Contest, 2nd Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Second Round Winner

My Year of Shoes
January wears a big black boot, hiding in the snow.
February throws on a loafer, ready to go.
March is in running shoes, preparing for spring.
April splashes around in yellow rubber rain boots.
May struts in wooden sandals, showing off toes.
June parades in platform sneakers, showing off school spirit.
July bobs in sneakers, running here and there.
August clomps in flip-flops by the pool.
September prances in new dress shoes on the way to school.
October giggles with elf shoes for Halloween.
November wears sneakers again, trying to keep them clean.
December jumps into click-in ski boots, riding down the trails.
—Kelly Westphal, Grade 6

Second Round Finalists

Sing for the beauty
Sing for the love
Sing for the sky
So high above.

Sing for the birds
Sing for the light
Sing for the feeling
That everything’s right.

Sing for the flowers
Sing for the air
Sing ’cause you know
That I truly care.

Sing for the mountains
Sing for the streams
Sing for the sleep
That brings you dreams.

Sing for the caring
Sing for the true
You sing for me
And I’ll sing for you.
Jordan Jefferson Kasko, Grade 5

The Last Sip
I stepped outside,
Onto the porch,
Away from the hustle and bustle
I sat down with a cup of tea
And wrapped myself in a blanket.

White ribbons of steam danced
Gracefully like streamers
In the wind,
Away from my cup,
I took a sip.

I gazed intently as I saw
A leaf that shivered
From the rain,
Like a quivering arrow
On its bowstring.

Leaves on tress,
Burdened with pools
Of clear, icy rainwater,
I took another sip.

The sharp,
Clean, vivid
Odor hung about the air,
Intoxicating me,

I took another sip
And wrapped my blanket tighter.
A cool breeze swept through,
And the ribbons of white steam
Danced about in a crazy way.

A wave of goose bumps
Rushed across my arm
And gave me a sudden chill,
I took another sip.

Now the rain was
Falling ceaselessly like
An angry shower of bullets.

A flower lurched violently as
More water shot mercilessly
Through the cool air,
I took another sip.

While the shower
Was dawdling its pace
A blanket of
White, simmering
Mist crept ever-so gently
Without making a peep,
I took another sip.

Drizzle replaced the
rigid, swift,
Angry rain,
And lightly kissed the earth,
I took another sip.

The last of the ribbons
Gradually danced away,
Lingered for a time,
And faded silently into
The misty air around them.
I took my last sip of tea.
—Hee-Sun Kang

The River
Crashing and thrashing over the rocks
Strangling branches, soaking my socks
Down to the valley then out to the sea
The only place where it can be free
—Jaclyn Sing, Grade 6

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