Do Your Own Thing Contest, 3rd Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Third Round Winner

Unique Paradise
Her blistering hands sweated in the heat,
Dirt stuck between her shabby fingernails,
The sun beat down on her back as she bent over,
Shovel in hand she began to dig.
She put the dirt in a neat pile next to a row of tulips;
She arched her back matching the bend of her newly planted rose bush.
Another tulip was placed in what seemed like a never-ending rank.
She spread the leftover dirt around surrounding flowers,
She stood up and wiped her brow.
And looked at her orderly garden of greens, reds and yellows.
A hard days work was done.
A smile slipped across her face, as she turned
around and walked down the cobblestone path,
Back to the chaos of the real world.
Knowing tomorrow she would be back to her one safe haven.
—Tomos Mughan, Grade 6

Third Round Finalists

A sunset over the mountains
Is beautiful and true.
A sunset over water
Is relaxing and blue.
A sunset over the forest
Gives a bright red glow.
The sunset I enjoy the most
Is beautiful, relaxing and blue.
The sunset I enjoy the most
Is the one I share with you.
—Bethany Cross, Grade 6

I want my homework to be done.
I don’t care if three minus two is one.
Doesn’t math really stink?
I wish I could get it done in a blink.
I would rather walk in purple goo,
than do five hundred seventy-eight divided by two.
Numbers, percents, what are they for!
And now my hand is getting sore.
What is the perimeter of this square?
Know what, I don’t really care.
What is the distance around the lake?
Go away math, you make my head ache.
What is the square root of 102?
I don’t know, do you?
—Christine Sarikas, Grade 6

Dew drops singing on new born flowers
Ravens looking down from their tree top tower
Bubbling brooks laughing with pleasure
Soft sand beaches that reach forever
—Jessica A. M., Grade 6

Anywhere by Here
I’ve seen walls crumble
And friendships build,
I’ve seen everything fall apart
And dreams be fulfilled.

I’ve seen eyes light up
And hearts enjoy,
I’ve seen girls hold hands
And tears come from a boy.

I’ve seen boys become men
And ladies mature,
I’ve seen shooting stars fly
And even the most timid be sure.

I’ve seen a connection in this love
And it magnetically pulls us in,
I’ve seen people rise above their fears
And impossible battles they win.

I’ve seen us stand together
And be proud of who we are,
I’ve seen us trip and fall
But I’ve also seen us go far.

I’ve seen a liar be honest
And two become one,
I’ve seen lives change direction
I’ve seen the rising of the sun.

I’ve seen crowds witness the presence
And people mocking our style,
I’ve seen every worthwhile minute
And I’ve cherished every mile.

I’ve seen perfection in person
And love grow so near,
But I’ve never seen a bond so strong
Anywhere but here.
—Lindsay Ann McCarty, Grade 6

Pizza! Pizza!
Pizza, pizza
In a box
In my socks
In my drawers
On the floors
In my hair
But who cares
If everyone stares!
—Dustin Shrout, Grade 5

The Beach
Blue mountains rise and fall in rythym
Creating a loud drum roll

I swallow under cool salty water
Then quickly spit it out

A lantern of heat
Warms adults and children alike

While pebbles tumble to shore
Before dancing back to the sea
—Kathleen Roehrkasse, Grade 6

Trick or Treat
Knock knock trick or treat,
It’s not hard to keep the beat.
The pitter-patter of all the feet
Running up and down the street.

Knock knock trick or treat,
All the candy is really neat.
Candy bars and bubble gum
Makes my tummy go yum yum.

Knock knock trick or treat,
Now it’s time to pick up the beat.
Halloween is really neat,
Oh, my aching feet.
—Jeremy Moulton, Grade 4

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