Do Your Own Thing Contest, 5th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Fifth Round Winner

Flying Pig
I saw a flying pig float by
I couldn’t believe my eyes
It flew above our apple trees
And climbed into the skies
It joined a flock of geese
As they headed toward the sun
He lead them through the clouds
Because he thought it would be fun
But the clouds were dark and rumbly
And I heard a thunderous Bam!
And soon after that, it was raining ham!
—Alex Kline, Grade 3

Fifth Round Finalists

I Made a Sandwich Boat
Once I made a sandwich boat
And had a little journey
Over corals and under bridges
What, so smart of me!
But one day I ran out of food,
So I ate the boat and drowned!
—Zachary, Grade 2

The lunch room is a crazy place;
Food gets flung up into space,
Students jumping up and down,
Lunch trays clattering to the ground,
Carrots flying through the air,
Soup gets poured on every chair,
Mashed potatoes coat the tables,
Juice is launched from spoons and ladles.
Oh, no! What will the teachers think?
Quick, let’s wash up in the sink!
—Kelly Davis, Grade 4

Furry Animals and Cats
And rats.
They all
Get attacked
By cats.
—Kacie Mitterando, Grade 2

Out of the Darkness
Out of the darkness of hatred,
We had strength.
Out of the clutches of pain and death,
We had hope.
Out of the deeds of evil,
We had justice.
Out of the reign or terror,
We had unity.
Out of the horrors of war,
We had freedom.
Out of the darkness,
We came,
Lighting the fire of liberty
In the hearts of many.
We are
The United States
Of America.
—Amanda Kruk, Grade 9

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