Giggle Rap Contest, 2nd Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Second Round Finalists

Transformation Rap
I woke up this morning, and to my surprise,
My eyes were shaped like feet and my feet shaped like eyes,
My head was on my back (I don’t know how),
And from my side I sprouted a tail like a cow.
My bunk bed transformed into a spider web,
And then my vision started to ebb.
Then I woke up and I knew it was a dream,
But just to bug my mom, I let loose a scream.
—Becky Topol, Grade 4

I was walking through the forest one dark starry night
when I looked up to the sky and saw a real bright light
and I started to rise and I started to float—
I felt kinda jiggly, like I was on a boat
and soon all around me there was white everywhere
and before I even knew it, I was sitting in a chair
and a little green alien walked up to me and said
"My friend, it’s after nine o’clock; you should be home in bed."
—Brian Swanson, Grade 6

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