Giggle Rap Contest, 4th Round

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Fourth Round Winner

I Miss My Tonsils
One winter morning I awoke feeling ill,
Nothing made me better, not even a pill.
I went to the doctor, my throat feelin’ sore,
It hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore.
After examining me, what he said made me shout.
He told me I needed my tonsils taken out!
Then came the day, I was afraid it would hurt,
Though through the whole ordeal I was not alert.
After it was over I woke up feeling drowsy.
A few hours later I still felt pretty lousy.
As terrible an experience as it may seem,
There was one good thing—I got lots of ice cream!
—Kendall C., Grade 6

Fourth Round Finalists

Big Bad Raps
Just on the edge
of a deep, dark wood
lived a girl called
Little Red Riding Hood.

Her grandmother lived
not far away,
so Red went to pay her
a visit one day.

And the big bad wolf,
who knew her plan,
he turned his nose
and ran and ran.

He ran till he came
to her grandmother’s door.
Then he locked granny up
with a great big roar.

He took her place
in her nice warm bed,
and he waited there
for Little Miss Red.
—Loredana Verta, Grade 4

The Day I Looked Like a Bear
Woke up one morning and I felt real cool.
The bus came by to take me to school.
I got on the bus and the bus driver said,
"Hey there girl, I like your head!"
I had no idea what he was talking about,
so I went and sat down and I started to pout.
Pretty soon everybody was turning around,
pointing their fingers and making me frown.
After school I went to my mom and said,
"Hey Mom, what’s up with my head?"
"It’s not too good, you look like a bear.
I think you forgot to brush your hair!"
—Tanya Slobodan, Grade 6,

The Christmas Tree Gremlin
The Christmas Tree Gremlin lives in my house
I’ve never really seen him—he’s quiet as a mouse

But every year we decorate the tree
With ornaments and lights as pretty as can be

Then very quietly and without a sound
The tree somehow winds up on the ground

Now my dad nails the tree to the floor
So the Christmas Tree Gremlin can’t knock it down no more
—Carl Caron, Grade 6

Mmm Food
I went to a place that serves all ya can eat,
And as soon as I walked in I was offered a seat.
The seat was in the corner in front of the bar.
Behind me was the band—I could hear the guitar.
The waiter came over and said, "What would you like?"
I said, "What’s ya name?" He said it was Mike
"Well, Mike, I feel like some veggies ’n’ meat."
And after all that food I couldn’t walk down the street. Mmm food.
—Elise Cochrane, Grade 6

Bad Day Rap
I got on the school bus the other day,
I soon knew things weren’t going my way.
As soon as I got off it started to rain.
My homework got drenched and my hair got drained.
My teacher got angry went I told her this,
She gave me extra work and gave me a hiss.
Just when I thought my bad luck couldn’t rise,
Someone announced we were having tuna surprise!
So a word to wise: If you have a bad day,
Just get back in bed and turn away!
—Brittany Kidd, Grade 6

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