Anti-Smoking Contest, 1st and 2nd Rounds

by Winners and Finalists

All poems are the property of the authors, used by permission here. Any copying or use of a poem without the author’s consent is unlawful.

Second Round Finalist

A Smoker’s Tombstone
Here lies Eli McGruff.
Thought that he was really tough.
Smoked three packs, sometimes four.
He isn’t with us anymore.
—Melanie Lyon, 6th grade

First Round Finalists

Sammy Shay
There once was someone named
Sammy Shay
He smoked six cigarettes a day.
He started smoking when he was
I doubt that he went to heaven.
—Erica Warnock

Don't Smoke! It’s Not a Joke!
Don’t smoke it’s not a joke.
Just one pack will set you back.
Be cool not a fool.
Keep your wealth and your health.
Don’t smoke it’s not a joke.
—Gabrielle Morgan Quinton, 4th grade

Sam Shay’s Epitaph
Here lies Sam Shay,
Smoked six packs a day.
He started smoking when he was three,
Now he’s buried under this tree.
No more smoking for Sam Shay,
For he’ll never see another day.
—Clifford Lee Roy Brown IV, 2nd grade

There was a boy named Sam Shay.
He smoked 6 packs a day
He started smoking when he was 10.
Now, he’ll never smoke again.
—Annissa Nichole Michael, 5th grade

Sammy Shay
Here lies Sammy Shay,
He smoked six packs a day.
He started smoking when he was six
And now he’s really in a fix.
—Rachelle Warnock, 3rd grade

Poor Freddy Lingers (Smoker’s Epitaph)
Here lies Freddy Lingers,
He’s always had yellow fingers.
He used to smoke ten packs a day,
And that is why he’s here to stay.
—Kevin Mollenhauer, 6th grade

Don’t Smoke
Eww stinky smoke in my house
makes me run like a mouse.
I always ask why do you smoke.
It is bad and will make you choke.
My dad’s lungs aren’t pink,
and his breath will always stink.
—Jessica Bulhoes, 5th grade

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