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Here are the fibs in Bruce Lansky's
"Partially True Autobiography"

Fib #1: I wonder if my parents sent me to school so they wouldn't have three kids at home crying for a change.

Fib #2: I don't know if there was a rule against passing students who were constantly crying for a change.

Fib #3: I wrote an essay on "The Meaning of Life," and learned how to add, subtract, and do trigonometry.

Fib #4: I even occasionally kept my diapers dry.

Fib #5: I came back from my first day of school with a black eye.

Fib #6: I'd arrive early at the bus stop, hide behind a bush or tree, then scamper onto the bus after everyone else was on.

Fib #7: I noticed that the girls were, suddenly, twice as tall as I was.

Fib #8: I graduated with a minor in nuclear physics.

Fib #9: I learned I could be a graffiti artist.

Fib #10: I had lots of job titles: toilet scrubber.

Fib #11: We had a house surrounded by lakes filled with icebergs.

Fib #12: Unfortunately, I had to rent a canoe to harvest the wild rice.

Fib #13: Prince Charming sure married a lot of damsels in distress. In those days, maybe it wasn't against the law for one prince to have lots of wives.

Fib #14: Perhaps they say my assembly was great because they know I won't leave until they either praise me to the skies or say those magic words: "Please go."

Scoring Guide

14-11: Wow! You're a walking, talking lie detector!

10-7: Pretty good. Not many people can pull your leg.

6-3: Could be better. You don't believe everything you hear, do you?

2-0: Uh-oh. You wouldn't know a fib it if came up and bit you.


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