1 "Hubble bowl": Raven coach John - Hubble (John Harbaugh) and Jim - Hubble (Jim Harbaugh) has finally realized the "Hubble bowl", which the brothers have teamed coach in NFL wholesale stitched jerseys hard work 34 years, won the Super Bowl but never led. John once played quarterback in the league identity 15 years later in the 2004 season on the Philadelphia Eagles had to get a championship ring, but it was the Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy - Reid (Andy Reid).

Hubble's brother is the brother of the league's most incredible coach, coached two teams in the playoffs every year to get at least one victory, John's Ravens have been at least five consecutive years in the playoffs, there is at least one victory, creating a new record. Two common features in the game is full of passion, and the harmonious relationship between the players, the most important is good judgment, last year - John Harbaugh sacked Ravens offensive coordinator Keim - Cameron, Caldwell he was named offensive coordinator from quarterbacks coach. Under Caldwell's command, the Ravens have made the playoffs three straight and reached the Super Bowl. Big can post Kaponike (Colin Kaepernick) revitalize the 49 attack, through the Super Bowl jerseys, so the Superdome stadium to see the two brothers have any special tactics - while Jim Hubble boldly sophomore quarterback Colin do not have accidents.

2 Passing the torch: In recent years, 49 people ace middle linebacker Patrick - Willis (Patrick Willis) played like a younger version of Ray - Lewis (Ray Lewis), and Willis has been speculation that the strongest linebacker Lewis's successor, the Super Bowl is Lewis's last game in New Orleans, will officially hand over the job to Lewis, the same as No. 52 Willis will continue to write Ravens linebacker strongest honor stitched jerseys cheap and legend, see Willis has won it a record of the various achievements of Lewis, in the six years of his career have been gains in the Pro Bowl six times and five times the first team.
     3 quarterback could be the key (QB or not to be): Ravens quarterback Joe - Flacco (Joe Flacco) threatened sure to win the Super Bowl, and proved himself to be one of the front line quarterback league . The Kaponike wants his name in the future legend Joe talk to 49 people - Montana (Joe Montana) and Stephen - Young (Steve Young) are engraved together, the two men led the 49ers won five Super Bowl , but also the end of their retired 49 of an era. In fact Flacco and Kaponike are being underestimated to some extent, they have a superior passer can play super performance. Kaponike has outstanding athletic ability, as he ran up like a gazelle, but Kaponike fake fax run tactics of the most perilous in the last week of the League of Nations finals Kaponike let the Atlanta Falcons defense group no way . But Flacco has something Kaponike do not have, and that is a wealth of playoff experience. Flacco since his rookie season in 2008 has never missed the playoffs, so this contest in the Super Bowl, Flacco advantages will be more apparent.

     4 defense wins championship: There are four Ravens defensive players in the NFL official website of a fan favorite in the 20 man squad: Lewis, Haluo Di - En Jiata (Haloti Ngata), Ed - Reed (Ed Reed ) and Terrell - Suggs (Terrell Suggs), the list of equally 49ers Willis wear stitched jerseys nfl and defensive end Justin - Smith (Justin Smith). Fan favorite in the top 100 list, 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers o (Carlos Rogers) and linebacker Na Woluo - Bowman (NaVorro Bowman) the same list. This year 49 people defensive group developed a new sack machine Alton - Smith (Aldon Smith), 19.5 times only than Michael - Strahan (Michael Strahan) of 22.5 times NFL single-season sack record poor 3. But one thing can not be ignored, this year Lewis, Suggs and Justin - Smith are suspended because of injury before.
5 Rice Gor

e Wars: The two running backs will challenge the strongest league in defensive group in the 47th Super Bowl, Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) and Kaponike red ball tactics perfectly, has defeated green Bay Packers and Falcons, Gore in last week's 2 rushing touchdowns stitched jerseys for sale are the key 49 to win, the Super Bowl will make Gore RUSH unstoppable. Ravens running back Ray - Rice (Ray Rice) and Gore as there is a sharp break, and Condoleezza Rice as well as hand ball skills, but Willis, Bowman and Justin - under Smith's marker, Rice's performance will not be compromised.

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